Rutgers Fencing Meet

10 Dec

Extra Credit Assignment – An interview with a member of the Rutgers fencing team and a fan. 


Nurturing the “Soul” One Meal at a Time

10 Dec

<a href="” title=”Nurturing the “Soul” One Meal at a Time”>Nurturing the “Soul” One Meal at a Time

This project is documents the experience of three volunteers at Elijah’s Promise, a busy soup kitchen on Nielson St. in downtown New Brunswick. 


A Tale of Two Pizza Stores

7 Dec

I interviewed workers at two campus pizza stores in New Brunswick, NJ, to see what their business is like.

Slide Show

12 Nov


6 Nov

Transportation Problems at RU

22 Oct

I interviewed  two Rutgers University students, 22 year-old senior Keren Hayardeny and 21-year old junior Tamar Elkin about some interesting (and awkward) experiences they have had on the RU buses. They were kind enough to share their experiences with me.


15 Oct

I interviewed a girl who is starting a gluten-free business out of her own kitchen. Listen to the interview.